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Natasha’s Law, what you need to know

The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, comes into effect from October 2021 and will require food businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on foods pre-packaged for direct sale on the premises. The legislation is being introduced to protect allergy sufferers and give them confidence in the food they buy.

This amendment was brought about thanks to the actions of a lobbying group lead by the parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who died after suffering an allergic reaction to an undeclared ingredient in a prepacked meal. Due to their efforts, the government confirmed that stronger laws would be implemented to protect those with food allergies and give them greater confidence in the food they buy.

According to the new rules, PPDS (Prepacked for Direct Sale) food will have to clearly display the following information on the packaging:

-Name of the food.

-Full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised (for example in bold, italics or a different colour).

These changes will apply to businesses throughout the UK. If food is presented to the consumer in packaging, if food is packaged before the consumer orders it or if it’s packaged in the same place its sold then the food with require PPDS labelling.

To help you become compliant we have teamed up with Retail Packaging Solutions to offer you a labelling starter pack. Want to find out more? Speak to your sales rep to find out more about what you need to do to become compliant in October.