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New tribute lorry for the late Mrs Hunt

Hunt’s Foodservice has come a long way since it began back in the 1930’s but we wouldn’t have got to where we have without the people and the family behind the business. This year we sadly lost an important woman in our lives, Mrs Sybil Evelyn Hunt, wife to the late Michael Hunt, and co-founder of Hunt’s Foodservice.

Reaching the age of 99, Sybil brought so much to the business and the people around her and was actively involved in the business to ensure her husband’s legacy lived on. Having worked for the Hunt’s family all of her working life, leaving school in the 1930’s, she made ice cream for the dairy and evolved with the expansion of the business to become Company Chairman.

For us at Hunt’s and to the local community, Mrs Hunt was an influential figure, and a very special lady indeed. To honour her achievements to us and those she supported over the years, we have a dedicated Hunt’s Foodservice lorry with her very own personalised number plate, SEH15, which will continue to drive around the streets of Sherborne in her memory. So, when you’re out and about on your travels, keep a look out, you may well see this lorry on route to its next delivery, serving the community in her honour.

In memory of Mrs Sybil Evelyn Hunt

1920 – 2020