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Hunt's Food Group is now a Disability Confident, committed employer, committing us to take action to be an inclusive employer. This includes making reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process and supporting our existing workforce in enabling them to perform their job role. Current employees are encouraged to disclose any disability to their line manager and engage in a conversation about how Hunt's can support them. Job applicants are invited to share any disability at the application stage to enable adjustments to be made, where required, during the recruitment and onboarding process. Disabilities come in many forms, visible and invisible, physical and mental.

Our advertisements will now include the Diversity and Inclusion statement below.

Hunt's Food Group is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment and is proud to be a Disability Confident, committed employer. Please do not hesitate to inform us if any adjustments can be made to support you during the recruitment process.

Equality - ensuring everyone has the same opportunities to fulfil their potential free from discrimination.

Inclusion - ensuring everyone feels comfortable being themselves at work and feels the worth of their contribution.

Diversity - the celebration of individual differences amongst the workforce.


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