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We understand how important it is to stay compliant when catering for the education sector. From early years, right the way through to university its important to understand what products are suitable and what will work well on menus and in retail shops. We work closely with our education customers making sure they have the most quality product offering, within the guidelines and all within an achievable budget.

We have a huge range of school compliant products which are suitable for catering and retail. In addition to that, our menu solutions and mixes enables kitchens of all skillsets to prepare bulk menus with portion control and consistency throughout.

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Catering Manager, Link Academy Group

“As an Academy group of schools in the South West, we switched to Hunt’s Foodservice in 2019. The range of products have enabled us to provide a varied and nutritious menu for all our students dietary needs especially with the support on special dietary requests. Delivery and service to even our remotest of schools has been consistent and reliable throughout. Local support is on hand and is very responsive and keeps us well informed of market situations.”