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Hunt's offers competitive scooping ice cream prices and a whole host of brands and flavours. We're also proudly offering Childhay Manor Ice cream with POS options to draw in the customers, whether you're at the seaside or at any leisure spot. Speak to your local sales rep for options and to understand how we can help your business. 

To view our own scooping ice cream brand, Childhay Manor,  Click Here



Waterfall Cafe & Ice Creams

We have used Hunts Food Service for over 20 years. We continue to use them because they have grown as a company and they can now offer a wide range of products, from cleaning products to ice cream to chilled or frozen food so you can order everything in one go. The product range still continues to grow. Our sales rep is very helpful and keeps in regular contact with us, if its through emails, arranged visits or just a pop in and see how things are going. She is also always at the end of the phone or email to assist with problems if they occur. Ordering is easy as you can do it online allowing you to see more information about the product and price or speak to your friendly telesales person. Every year Hunts have a trade show where you can speak to there suppliers and sample new products. So Hunts is a very good company to deal with for any cafe business

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