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What’s our green agenda here at Hunt’s? To simply make our business operations sustainable so we are here for generations to come. We understand there is no plan B and want to create a cleaner, greener way of operating. The success of our team, the quality of the products we sell and the environment we live in are key to making the business and our industry a success for the next generation.


We are reducing our operating emissions and producing renewable energy to help us become a carbon neutral business by 2025.

Hunt's Food Group Rewilding Project and Sustainability Update 


We’re excited to share a brand-new biodiversity project on Hunt’s Farm. We are setting aside 12 acres of farmland to plant wildflowers, herbs, and leguminous plants to create a wildflower wonderland for our native wildlife species.

Click Here to find out more.


We reduced our vehicle emissions by 76% with a biofuel trial! 


We carried out extensive trials with HVO between March and early October 2022 in most of its vehicles. The trial gave us the confidence that most of our fleet can run on an alternative fuel and achieve significant carbon reductions. We successfully reduced our carbon emissions by 76% during the trial period.

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Hunt's Food Group Community Fund


We're delighted to have established the Hunt's Food Group Community Fund in partnership with Somerset Community Foundation to provide long-term, strategic funding for vital local charities who work tirelessly to change lives within local communities.

A big part of our values at Hunt's Food Group is social responsibility and ensuring all stakeholders in the business benefit from our success. Establishing the community fund enables us to give back to the communities that have shown us support for over 100 years.

Our local Community Foundations have unparalleled knowledge of local charities and the needs of our communities. Using their expertise, we can direct our donations towards initiatives and causes that address the most pressing needs and have the most significant potential for positive change.

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Hunt's Food Group's woodland and sustainability project


In November 2022, a group of colleagues and their families headed to Elm Farm for the first of our woodland projects; on the day, we planted 35 fruit trees and 250 native broadleaf saplings across an acre of land. The new species-rich environment will support pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which are essential to the environment, food and farming in the UK.

This woodland project was one of the many sustainability projects that Hunt's Food Group has undertaken to achieve our target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025! We are continually thankful for our colleagues and loyal customers whose ongoing support allows us to reinvest in making Hunt's a better and more sustainable business.

<<<Watch our video to find out more about our sustainability mission 

Using renewable energy to power our operations


For some time, Hunt’s Food Group have been buying renewable energy from the grid for a premium but has now moved to utilise all available roof space to generate energy directly on sites across the group. Hunt’s full 6-phase solar rollout will give the group a capacity of 1,800,000 kWh of electricity generated and utilised on-site per year. This could power a staggering 31,000 average UK homes for a week!

Click here to view our currently installed solar panels and their energy output.

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Devon & Cornwall Food Action Group


We are proud to support Devon and Cornwall Food Action Group's mission of eradicating food poverty across the southwest of England. We recognised an opportunity to support the charity with chilled and frozen products that, due to short dates, we would have disposed of. Since the beginning of April 2022, we have delivered varying volumes of these lines daily to the charity, which they have put to good use supporting those families requiring support.

We are so grateful for our partnership with Devon and Cornwall Food Action Group and their fantastic work. They have allowed us to cut food wastage drastically and give hope to families in need across the South West.

Hunt's Food Ground Carbon Reduction Plan


At Hunt's Food Group, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring we play our part in protecting our planet from harmful greenhouse gasses. Please click the link below to see our complete carbon reduction plan and progress since our baseline year, 2019.

Click here to see our Carbon Reduction Plan.

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It’s about giving back and giving a helping hand…


We take our work with the local communities and charities very seriously and pride ourselves in being a generous and caring business right from when Hunt’s story began. We have a company advisory group (CAG), which is made up of people from around the business who are responsible for all the social good we do. They consult with their team and decide on what charities to focus on every year and what local causes with food donations, cash support or volunteering.

Over the next 12 months, we have pledged to donate £150,000 to charitable causes. We have chosen three key charities to work with over the next year….

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In addition to charity support on a company level, we encourage our team members to volunteer and take part in fundraising activities themselves and we support them fully.

Do you need our support or have a suggestion on what we can do to help in your local community?
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