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Hunt's Food Group is now a certified B Corporation.

Updated: May 10, 2023

We proudly announce that Hunt's Food Group is now a certified B Corporation and joins a growing group of businesses from around the world who, like us, believe in doing business responsibly.

Hunt's Fleet with Hunt's Logo and B Corp logo above

The B Corp movement is a global movement that recognises businesses using their business as a force for good. Being a certified B Corp means we strive to improve the world around us.

The B Corp certification demonstrates our commitment to creating equal value for all stakeholders, including our colleagues, suppliers, customers, and communities.

In order to become a certified B Corporation, every part of our operation was analysed to ensure we met high social and environmental performance standards. We had to be transparent about our operating practices and be held to a high standard of legal responsibility, which involved changing our articles of association so we would be held accountable for benefitting our stakeholders, not just our shareholders.

We also had to score above 80 points on the B Impact Assessment – the tool used to analyse organisations. The assessment covered various topics within five categories: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

Hunt's colleagues tree planting

Hunt's Food Group have built on our core values to ensure that we improve the business to benefit our colleagues and the wider community and environment. This has meant introducing lots of brilliant new initiatives and shouting about the great things we were already doing. We have listed some examples below:

  • We donate £150,000 to charity every year. This ranges from National charities to supporting local communities.

  • Implementing an assistance programme to help colleagues facing difficulties in their personal lives.

  • Training colleagues across the group to become mental health first aiders to give initial mental health support and connect members of our team who might be suffering from mental health problems with the proper support.

  • We set up the company advisory group, a colleague-led group made up of members from across the group who help oversee charitable giving, social events and changes in the work environment.

  • Hunt's has implemented yearly colleague and customer satisfaction surveys to help guide the business to get greater insight into what we are doing well and see areas where we can improve.

  • Further investment into staff training ensures all our colleagues have the tools to do their jobs to the best of their abilities and enable them to grow and take on new challenges.

  • We are continuously improving our Food safety and health and safety culture and have received top marks from third-party authorities such as BRCGS, SALSA and BSI.

Hunt's colleagues in the warehouse
  • Supporting local and small-scale suppliers by ensuring we list a diverse range of quality products and giving smaller suppliers access to our distribution network so they have the opportunity to scale their business.

  • We have installed solar panels on the roofs of our warehouses to cut down on the environmental impact of our business.

  • Damaged and outdated stock is sent for anaerobic digestion, minimising its carbon footprint and turning it into biogas, a highly versatile renewable fuel.

  • We are committed to responsibly recycling as much of our waste as possible.

  • As part of our woodland and sustainability project, colleagues from across Hunt's Food Group get together yearly to plant native trees that support pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, which are essential to the environment, food and farming in the UK.

  • We have invested in our fleet to reduce mileage with route optimisation, purchased more energy-efficient vehicles, and ran a successful trial of HVO fuel.

  • Any surplus stock gets donated to charities that distribute it to communities across our area and is a lifeline for many families in need.

Hunt's colleagues donating to charity
  • We take all the appropriate steps to ensure we responsibly source our products from trustworthy accredited suppliers.

  • We have switched most of our company cars to electric and hybrid vehicles, which helps us reduce carbon emissions.

As part of Hunt's Food Group supply chain, you can guarantee that you are working with a company that encourages and practices social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, you can trust that we hold strong values and will actively look after our employees, community, environment, suppliers, and customers. Our mission is to create a positive culture throughout our supply chain.

We want to thank all of our customers. We wouldn't have been able to achieve becoming a B Corporation if it wasn't for your continued support and feedback that has helped us grow throughout the years as well as our colleagues throughout the business who work hard to ensure we are constantly improving and hitting new milestones such as this.


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