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Hunt's Food Group Passes ISO 45001!

ISO 45001 is a management system standard for Occupational Health and Safety. Its focus is on risk prevention, innovation and continual improvement; after in-depth scrutiny of all health & safety and other documentation relating to the control of safety and servicing, the external auditor has passed Hunts Food Group Sherborne Depot with an ISO 45001 certificate.

Passing this certification means working to the highest standard to protect our colleagues from workplace illnesses and injuries, reducing lost working days and giving our colleagues the confidence that they are working in a safe environment.

To pass this accreditation, Hunt's Food Group had to undergo a top-down audit of all of our health and safety measures and procedures by external auditors to ensure we are making every effort possible to ensure the safety of our colleagues.

Passing ISO 45001 will not just benefit the health and wellbeing of our colleagues but will also help improve our service to our customers, ensuring fewer interruptions to service due to preventable workplace accidents and illness.

Congratulations to our Health & Safety, Technical team and everyone else involved for passing the ISO 45001 health and safety certification. We couldn't pass certifications of this standard if it weren't for the shared vision and teamwork of our fantastic colleagues!


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