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Hunt's Food Group Rewilding Project and Sustainability Update

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We’re excited to share a brand-new biodiversity project on Hunt’s Farm. We are setting aside 12 acres of farmland to plant wildflowers, herbs, and leguminous plants to create a wildflower wonderland for our native wildlife species.

Why are we taking on this project, you ask? Well, it’s personal. Our roots are deeply intertwined with farming. We’ve watched the British countryside lose its sparkle over the years, with native species such as starlings declining by 71%, turtle doves by 71%, and song thrush by 56% due to commercial farming and increased construction, leaving less green space for our native wildlife species to call home. That’s where we step in with mud-caked boots and a determination to make a difference.

What’s the game plan? Over the next year, we’re putting on our gardening gloves and nurturing this biodiverse paradise into existence. In August 2023, after bidding farewell to our wheat harvest, we prepared the land for a transformation by ploughing it and planting precious wildflower seeds deep within the soil to give it the best chance of flourishing and creating a bustling biodiverse habitat.

Once the wildflowers have been established, the local livestock will also join the party, grazing, munching, and contributing to a lively ecosystem, which will help to create a prey-rich habitat for predator species.

But that’s not all – we’re rolling out the red carpet for our feathery friends. Bird boxes and cosy bat nooks will be placed within the hedgerows, creating homes and further enhancing the diversity in the area. Our farm team will oversee this project and is ready to be the best hosts, ensuring every nook and cranny is a five-star suite for our special guests.

We will keep you in the loop as this project develops, and we hope to report back on sightings of Hares, Hedgehogs, Skylarks and even the odd Yellow Hammer.


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