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Hunt’s Food Group partner with local food banks

As part of the companies pledge to donate £150,000 to charitable causes this year, Hunt’s Food Group have decided to support a network of food banks throughout the South and those local to their distribution depots.

One of the charities is called Devon & Cornwall Food Action Group and is based out of Plymouth in Devon. Hunt’s Food Group have recently donated a generous amount of food items and local sales rep for the area Shaun Davey has been working close with the charity.

Shaun Davey comments: “We are supporting Devon & Cornwall Food Action with food lines that would, ordinarily, be sent to a waste management company.

The company supports numerous charities in varying ways including several food banks in our delivery areas. Most foodbanks only have facilities for ambient temperature goods which limits what we can offer.

After meeting with the charity, we recognised there was an opportunity to support the charity with chilled and frozen lines that, due to short dates, we would have disposed of. Since the beginning of April 22, we have delivered varying volumes of these lines daily to the charity which they have them put to good use supporting those families requiring support.”


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